Becoming a Member

  • Learn about the benefits Members receive.
  • Decide if you'd like to be around people who agree with the goals expressed in What We Ask of Members.
  • Pay for your membership with any of the three options below.


  • Three checks per year 

  • Each Check for $80

  • each post-dated one month apart


  • One Payment per Month

  • $20

  • Via PayPal


  • A one-time payment

  • $240

  • Check, cash or credit card

Friends and Family plan

We also have a Friends and Family plan, where if two people join together, the first pays $20 a month and the second person pays just $10 a month. Or you can split the payments evenly so that each of you pays just $15. You can choose your payment method here:

For second person

  • One Payment per Month

  • $10

  • Via PayPal

Split the payments evenly

  • One Payment per Month

  • $15

  • Via PayPal