Repairs & Maintenance Opportunities

High Priority

Prepare the ceiling in practitioner #1 by removing all the ceiling tiles, pulling out any nails and/or staples in the ceiling skip boards, and removing the wooden moulding and imitation wood beamsLynne Thompson
Install the ceiling in practitioner #1 
Buy & install new floor tile in practitioner #1 
Crawl under the house and determine what needs to be done to repair the foundation for main house 
Climb under the house and determine the reason for the cracks in bathroom #1 & Bob's bedroom 
Fill in the right angle at the top of the sign out front with wood putty, paint & caulk the top of the sign, and seal it with polyurethane 
Remove the mildewed caulk on bathtub #3, and let it dry out. Caulk where the soap dish used to be and anywhere else that water could leak in.Recaulk where the mildewed caulk used to be. 
Re-grout and re-caulk bathtub/shower in bathroom #3 
Electrical outlets with loose contacts: near hallway in living room, both near the fireplace, near back doorHenry
Repair the left side of the left window in Practitioner #2 
Cottage water is brown when it comes out of the spigots. Maybe it's from the water heater? 
Cottage electricity supply is inadequate 
Cottage carpet is icky 
Cottage kitchen sink needs to be replaced 
Repair the red & white wicker couchesHenry
Repair the leak above the back door 
Repair the soffet above the back door 
Caulk the tubs in bathrooms 2 & 3 
Clean the leaves out from around the house & place them in recycling containers 
Move the planks from the covered parking spaces near the art studio to the brush recycling area at the end of the cul-de-sac 
Replace Orangeburg sewer pipes in yard, & cut the tree roots that are making the house crack 
Repairs committee: I can get us free toilets from the City of Austin. Can we install them ourselves or do we have to hire someone? Let me knowÑElaine  

Medium Priority

Install 2 window A/C units in the Cottage 
Cottage tub is icky 
Cottage shower enclosure is icky 
Cottage area behind the oven in greasy/icky 
Cottage bathroom ceiling  
Cottage repainting whole place 
Cottage windows don't open 
Cottage frcont door screen has a hole in it 
Cottage install a heater 
Finish stripping the hardwood floor in Practitioner #2 
Stain & refinish the hardwood floor in practitioner #2 
Replace the support chains for the Activity room's window A/C unit with chain that doesn't rust 
Install new quarter-round toe guards in practitioner #2 
Sand/wash the edges of the wooden floor in practitioner #2 
Get foundation for cottage repaired 
Buy & install a new water heater for cottage 
Replace (or repair) the back porch covering 
Install the correct screens on each window 
Wash windows 
Drill tree stumps with stump grinder 
Clean living room carpet 
Plant flowers or other plants in the gardensLynne Thompson
Install two new ivory rheostats on the lights in the living room, with only one sliding switchHenry
Install the flipchart spotlight for use during the videosHenry
Sliding door in practitioner #1 bathroom hangs in a crooked fashion and needs realigningHenry
Shovel dirt back into the big hole where the gas pipe enters the house 
Clean the grease off the floor and off the shelves in the art studioMarco
Repair automatic ice maker in fridgeHenry
Install new vent pipe extension for furnace 
Re-roof all three out-buildings 
Replace the twisted pair on phone plug on north of activity roomHenry
Install a new outside door in practitioner #1 
Redo wiring leading to the cottage so it's 3-wire and so it can handle enough current for heaters & A/C 
Create a diagram of which breakers service which outletsHenry
Install a door between massage room & practitioner #2 
Install decking or something outside the back door 
Install door knob on the door inside the cottage 
Replace the screens on the windows in the cottageDanny
Clean all windowsDanny
Install handicap ramp to back door 
Get & install soundproofing for 3 doors 
Install smoke detector in the cottageHenry
Widen the shelves in the pantry 
Cut down trees growing up through the fences & destroying themMarco
Pull carpet nails in Bob's roomHenry
Repair toilet 2 so it flushes better 
Install reflectors on back porch spotlights 
Repair the front gutter 
Resurface the wood veneer on the table we received from Wash 
Clean up the "spaghetti cables" underneath the computers 
Figure out all the A/C & energy efficiency issues 
Buy a new A/C system for the house! 
Get an energy audit 

Low Priority

Hang a curtain in bathroom #1 to hide the clothes dryerHenry
The cold water lavatory tap in bathroom 3 clangs/bangs when turned off suddenly 
The cold water shower tap in bathroom 3 squeeks when turned on/off 
Consider installing a gas heater in the cottage 
Repair the fireplace 
Install handicap rails near toilets in bathrooms 1 & 2 
Add an electrical outlet near the bar 
Repair the cracks in the shower tile in bathroom #1 
Install a small fan in the hallway where the thermostat is, so there's air circulation there. We could actually install it on the ceiling. Connect it so that it only goes on when the A/C or the heat is on. 
Raise lavatories in all three bathrooms 
Rewire the light switches in kitchen, activity room & bathrooms 1 & 2 so they are in more logical locations 
Re-caulk bathtubs 2 & 3 
Replumb everything so that hot water arrives faster 
Remove the handicap rail in shower 1 
Install a higher shower head in shower 1 
Remove all unnecessary nails from the walls