Robert McGarey

Founder, Executive Director

Robert McGarey, M.A.

Robert McGarey, M.A., has over thirty-five years of experience in guiding Personal Growth Sessions and presenting workshops for personal and professional development. He is the co-President of the Board of Directors of the international Association for Humanistic Psychology. He has been a featured speaker at numerous local and national conferences, and over the years has presented over 500 workshops. He has extensive experience and training in a variety of psychological techniques that promote physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

Both of Bob's parents are holistic M.D.'s, and have been pioneers in the field for about fifty years. They have authored dozens of books and articles on holistic medicine, and are nationally and internationally in demand as speakers on the subject. Growing up in this atmosphere, he developed a deep appreciation for the importance of nurturing the whole person -- mind, body and spirit. Bob's mother, Dr. Gladys McGarey, is generally recognized as the Mother of Holistic Medicine, and she founded the Foundation for Living Medicine in 1989.

Bob graduated from New College of Florida in 1974, where his area of concentration was "Transpersonal Psychology and Religion." He received outstanding training in facilitating personal growth groups at Sentheon in his home town of Phoenix, Arizona from 1975 - 1977. After that, he received an accredited Master of Arts degree in Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology from Johnston College in 1978. In 1986 he founded The Human Potential Center (a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization), and has served as its Director since that time.

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Samantha Worrell


Samantha Worrell, M.A., LPC-I

We are happy to welcome back Samantha Worrell to our team at Human Potential Center! Samantha was a practicum student with us while completing the Master of Arts Counseling program at St. Edwards University, and is now continuing with us as an LPC-I during her internship. Dr. John V. Jones Jr., LPC-S, is her supervisor.

Samantha's orientation draws from humanistic, transpersonal, and expressive therapies; with a mindfulness-based attitude, she facilitates creative expression in the work of personal growth, and encourages reconnection to the natural world. Her specialty is in working with highly sensitive individuals/empaths- as she is one herself, she intimately knows both the challenges and gifts that come along with navigating life's experience through that lense. With highly sensitives, her aim is to help them understand their experiences, overcome overwhelm/anxiety, and access their intuition to guide them with peace, joy, and purpose on their path in life.

Samantha is also a student of Stacie Codino's Angelic Shamanism, as well as Nancy Crossthwaite's Lotus Energy institute.
She loves learning about the energy that surrounds us, and how to use the awareness to live a more heart-centered, authentic, and connected life.

Her intent is to meet people where they are at in their healing journey, while offering techniques that best suit their needs. Whether the presenting issue is anxiety, grief, or something more existential- and whether or not you are highly sensitive- Samantha would be more than happy to hold space and help you navigate the emotional waves of your experience- creating awareness of/removing any blocks, bringing you to a balanced center of peace, and connecting you to your authentic self so that you can lead the life you envision in your heart.

Samantha's fee is $90 for a 60 minute session, though she does offer sliding scale arrangements for those in need. To schedule a session with her, contact us at (512) 441-8988.

Samantha will also be offering workshops that will cover topics related to her passions: Highly Sensitive/Empath Empowerment, Energy Medicine, Angelic Shamanism, and more- Keep an eye on the HPC calendar to see what will be coming up!